Father of heav’n, Grace St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, December 9, 2018

Los Coflades de la estleya, Christ Church United Methodist, December 16, 2018

Los Coflades de la estleya was written in the late 17th century Baroque style with organ and guitar providing the basso continuo. Renaissance and Baroque paintings depict the Magi as coming from Europe, Asia and Africa. The text is a Spanish dialect, and the syncopated rhythmic pattern sung by the soloists comes from the “guineo,” a West African dance borrowed by Europeans.

“Sunset” excerpt, Tucson Museum of Art, March 11, 2018

Arizona Repertory Singers perform ’Sunset’ from Stephen Chatman’s choral collection, Due West in the museum Gallery at the Tucson Museum of Art by invitation on March 11, 2018 during TMA’s Second SundAZe Family Day for Museum visitors and guests.

Voices at an Exhibition

Experience the 30th anniversary multimedia premiere of four original artworks and compositions: The Trumpet, Bloom, Ask and Glimmer of Hope. Time lapse videos and photo manipulation multimedia by Daniel Buckley Sound engineering by Jesse Thrall.

Arizona Public Media: Voices at an Exhibition

Arizona Illustrated Host, Debi Mabie, interviews Music Director, Jeffry A. Jahn and artist, Sheryl Holland, also a 20-year veteran singer with ARS.

Sure On This Shining Night

25th Anniversary performance of “Sure On This Shining Night” by Morten Lauridsen on May 2, 2009 at the prestigious Stevie Eller Dance Theatre on the campus of the University of Arizona.

Beauty Has the Coldest Heart

Première of “Beauty Has the Coldest Heart,” a choral composition by Anthony Constantino, age 16 (the youngest ARS member). The work was commissioned for ARS at the request of Dr. Jeffry Jahn for the Spring 2011 concert series, and was one of the compositions submitted by Anthony for the national Carmina Burana Project competition. Anthony was subsequently selected as on of three young composers in the U.S. to write a piece for chorus and orchestra to be performed at Carnegie Hall.

Go Tell It On The Mountain

Performance of “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” arranged by Donald McCullough, at the beautiful Benedictine Monastery in Tucson during the December 2010 holiday concert series.

Arizona Public Media – A Rising Star in the Ranks

Arizona Illustrated Host, Kimberly Craft interviews Music Director, Jeffry A. Jahn and composer Anthony Constantino. Dr. Jahn calls Constantino’s composition, “Beauty Has the Coldest Heart” “unique, possessed of a true voice that attests to his youth.” Aired April 19, 2011.