The Arizona Repertory Singers is an auditioned ensemble of singers from greater Tucson. Since 1984 this choir has developed an extensive repertory and prides itself on presenting high quality performances of the standard repertoire and new music. Our community of singers, selected through a rigorous audition process, represent a variety of work life careers in business, education, engineering, information technology, law, medicine, social service, science and the arts.

Virtual Choir

“Great Day” by Stacey V. Gibbs (b. 1962)

“Great Day” is an arrangement of a traditional spiritual by Stacey Gibbs. Gibbs is a highly sought-after Black composer-arranger who is acclaimed for his ability to add choral vitality and energy to the power of traditional spirituals. His pieces have been performed by choirs throughout the U.S. and internationally.

The chance to sing music of black composers brings joy to all of our members. We hope this music spreads a message of harmony and hope to our listeners and ARS supporters. Choral music breaks down boundaries that divide us, and encircles the entire human race with the spirit of togetherness. All of us in the Arizona Repertory Singers look forward to exploring more works by composers of color now and in the future.

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Rejoice and Be Merry, December 2019. Photos by David Sanders