ARS is proud to have completed our 2020-21 season with our second virtual concert this May. It required a single-minded focus by singers thrust into a new mode of performance, and by our Music Director, Ryan Phillips, who became an audio and video producer overnight.

However, it also required you, our audience, to take a chance and “attend” our first and second “virtual” performances. Many of you did more than purchase tickets – you also donated generously. We are beyond grateful for your interest and financial support. As this pandemic winds down, we plan to return to in-person performances.

We hope to see you there.

Thank you.
Ken Rosenblatt – ARS President

“I really enjoyed the ARS program. It was quite lovely….sound was very good and technically well done too!”
“Your concert is truly heavenly.”
“Marvelous production! Amazing! Kudos to ARS!”
“Wow! What a beautiful concert! Watching it was a lovely way to spend time.”
“What a spectacular performance you offered to your fans – old and new. I enjoyed watching the conductor participate by singing with you and playing different instruments. I loved the backgrounds and the flow of all the singers’ images on screen.”
“Congratulations on an amazing concert. I will view it again and again. Exceptional success.”

Choral music breaks down boundaries that divide us,
and encircles the entire human race with the spirit of togetherness.

The Arizona Repertory Singers is an auditioned ensemble of singers from greater Tucson. Since 1984, we have presented high quality performances of the standard repertoire and new music. We hope our choral music spreads a message of harmony and inspiration.

We look forward to exploring more works by composers from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds – now and in the future.

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