Join us in song – Audition for ARS

“I have sung in choirs all my life, but have never sung with such a friendly, talented and devoted group of singers.”

We hold auditions every August…

and occasionally in early January or early May, if there are vacancies in some or all voice parts.

Here is what to expect at your audition. It will last approximately 20 minutes and consist of:

  • A warm-up exercise and vocalises throughout your range
  • Sight-reading in the clef appropriate for your voice
  • An aural recall test (repeat short phrases)
  • Singing “My Country ’Tis of Thee” a cappella

You will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire at your audition.

Additional information and requirements:

Rehearsals are held every Tuesday evening from late August through the end of the concert season in April/May.

Singers are expected to be punctual and attend all rehearsals, dress rehearsals, performances (including requested special appearances at community events) and the annual ARS retreat in early September (special exceptions for illness, occasional work obligations and family events).

Rehearsals are 150 minutes, with a 15-minute break.

Every singer is expected to spend an average of one hour per week preparing for each rehearsal, including review of recordings and You Tube videos.

When I sing with ARS, the focus and cooperation choral singing requires, and the joy of making something beautiful together, is a rich and deeply moving experience.”

Annual costs for singers
Dues – $75
Annual retreat – $40

Concert Attire
Women – $95 for concert dress, earrings and holiday pin
(purchased through ARS)
Men – Tuxedo, holiday pocket hanky, button covers
(purchased on your own)

Additional discretionary costs for a music folder and music stand, if needed.

“ARS is more than a group of musicians singing together. We are a community of singers who take great pride in the quality of our choral sound for the benefit of our audiences.”