For the beauty of the earth by John Rutter

“For the Beauty of the Earth,” by John Rutter, sung at Tanque Verde Lutheran Church, April 29, 2022.
ARS Music Director: Ryan Phillips Pianist: Woan Ching Lim

John Rutter’s For the Beauty of the Earth is essential repertoire in the world of sacred music. This anthem of praise sets four of the original eight stanzas of text from Folliott S. Pierpoint’s 1864 hymn bearing the same name. Rutter’s composition was first written in 1978 and was dedicated partly to the Texas Choral Director’s Association. Each verse is structurally the same in its strophic manner, though variance is created through a passing of the melody to different voices during each verse. Rutter composes each verse differently with varied textures and harmonies, as well as a counter melody in the third stanza.