Conductor’s Corner | Holiday 2021

Sim Shalom-Grant Peace
Holiday Music from Around the World

Can we all give one big sigh of relief together? 1, 2, 3…sigh. Never before would I have thought that I shouldn’t take performing for live audiences for granted. We made some wonderful virtual music during the height of the pandemic, but that performance itch was never quite scratched. What a joy it is to see you all today, about to enjoy the rested and rejuvenated Arizona Repertory Singers!

While at home in my own work and familial bubble, I thought about how important travel is to my life and mental health. Each summer I try to travel abroad, whether it be to the music-laden pubs of Ireland, the historical structures of Machu Picchu, or the biologically brilliant Galapagos Islands. Each new place I visit brings an air of exploration andwonder to my life. I know you feel the same way. Experiencing the world around us is somethingthat truly makes life worth living.

In lieu of hopping on a plane for a getaway in a country that may or may not be locked down, we are here to bring the world to you. During this performance, you’ll experience several different languages and travel to even more areas of the world. Each piece has been chosen to offer a contrast from every other that comes before it.

It is our hope to allow you to experience music from around the world in one sitting. Not only forthe joy of experiencing it, but also to open your minds to various cultures and musical styles. We are one choir, in one state, in one country. The world is a vast place overflowing with exploration and wonder. Let’s experience it together!

–Ryan Phillips
Music Director and Conductor